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24 October, 2014

Check Out the Weirdest Before and After Videos You'll See Today

Update: Kawaii Killer came and went. Apple seemed to have a thing against brutally mutilating cute cuddly animals and spilling their guts across our iPhones and iPads.

Well it's back. This time, however, Tabemasu Games has replaced the gore with plushy animal stuffing. So now children and parents can sleep easy at night knowing that as Davy the trapper slices open the cute animals, the only innards to come spilling out will be sparkling stars, plushiness and sweet dreams.

Makes you feel warm and fuzzy doesn't it? Check out the original video from our reveal in May below, and then watch the trailer for the new version. Which do you prefer?

If this mix of Fruit Ninja and cuddly animal trapping appeals to your sensibilities, you can grab the game right here.


Original Story: We just got word of Kawaii Killer, which developer Tabemasu describes as a “cartoon-gore” game. If that alone doesn’t give you an indication of the kind of experience you’ll witness in the trailer below, let us set the scene for you. In Kawaii Killer, you play a trapper called Davy, wandering through a bright and colourful forest. You’ll encounter 14 different animals on this walk, each of which you need to butcher ferociously using a different technique of swipes and taps to suit the offending beast's die method. Blood, guts, bones and the best bits of a child’s dream splatter across the screen as you go.

It’s super frantic stuff – and the gameplay clearly takes some inspiration from Halfbrick’s juggernaut Fruit Ninja. No release date is announced just yet, but we suspect it will be soon. The game will come with a number of game modes, some offering a “hardcore challenge,” which given the premise could mean just about anything. Could this be a cult classic in the making or one for animal welfare types to furrow a brow at?

    - Fruit Ninja

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