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16 June, 2014

Biophilia Spreads Through European Classrooms

Episode 4 of Grab It - The Game Discovery App featured our pick of the top ten musically-driven games on the App Store. Our top spot went to musical wildcard Bjork, with her app album Biophilia offering up a truly unique multimedia experience. 

The app's experience of exploring the universe through educational art, sound, light and interactivity is being taken into the classrooms of several European countries. Working with educationalists, Bjork has collaborated to create the Biophilia Educational Program, and is being received particularly well by kids with ADHD and dyslexia, reports The Guardian.

It's great to see kids being encouraged to use their iPads and iPhones for more than just flinging birds from left to right, Snapchat, and checking Facebook

Check out the trailer for Biophilia below, grab it right here, tune in and drop out.

Note: If you like your music in games, then Episode 4 also featured an in-depth discussion with indie game composer Nathaniel Chambers that you might quite enjoy. 

Garry Balogh

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