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25 November, 2014

Apple's App Store Sees (RED) in the Fight Against AIDS

The latest Angry Birds update caught my attention more so than usual when checking my iPhone this morning. It's a fun ritual of mine to check my updates each day to see what kinds of goodies might have been delivered overnight in the way of game content. The completely blood-red makeover of the Angry Birds icon was hard to miss. 

It's all part of Apple's continuing collaboration with (RED), an organisation dedicated to the raising of awareness and funds for the fight against AIDS by appealing to the private sector. 

Purchasing a participating (RED) app or in-app-purchase within that app will see 100% of the money spent going to the project. For example, Angry Birds has exclusive levels and a homing ability IAP available for purchase. Another participant is the excellent Monument Valley, with money spent purchasing the game's special final chapter - Ida's Red Dream - all going to the charity.

The event runs from now until December 7, so get in quick for a great cause and some amazing content for your iDevice. For the full list of apps and games participating click right here. And for more on Monument Valley, don't miss our world exclusive making of feature in Episode 3 of Grab It.

Garry Balogh

   - Angry Birds
   - Monument Valley
   - Episode 3 of Grab It

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