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19 February, 2014

Unstoppable Square Announced

Developer Thomas Roger has just released Unstoppable Square, an endless runner with visuals that hail from the Atari days. 

Controlling your square is a simple exercise of tapping the left side of the screen to jump, and the right side to switch the colour palette. As you travel across platforms they alternate colours, and you'll need to switch to stay alive, making sure your square's colour corresponds to the platform you're on.

It's a fun little "surely I can do better next time" game that includes some nice touches. From within the menu you can choose between various colour palettes, and also invert the control mechanism. This inversion of controls for left and right handed people is a welcome touch that many developers overlook.

There are also Game Center achievements for the trophy hunters out there, and best of all, it's free. You can Grab It here now.

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