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Discover Indie iPad Games - Episode 5

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What's in Episode 8!

  • Grab It has partnered with PAX AUS to deliver a full guide to all the indie games on display at this year’s show for Episode 8 of Grab It.
  • We’ve got exclusive access to 66 indie games from across all the formats, including Mobile, Tablet, PC, Mac, Linux, Oculus Rift, Ouya, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo and HTML5.
  • We’ve got exclusive interviews with over 60 indie developers, detailing the backstories, the highs and the lows of the game making process.
  • The six indie games selected by PAX AUS for a showcase at the event have received the full cover story treatment, with massive making of interviews, videos, sounds, behind the scene images and more. The selected games were Assault Android Cactus, Gunscape, Wave Wave 2.0, Airscape: Fall of Gravity, Screencheat and the beautiful Expand.
  • We have four albums worth of music embedded in the app, with songs from almost all 66 games playing as you read about their experiences.
  • This is not only the biggest Grab It ever, it is the biggest single indie games dedicated piece of media we’ve ever heard of.
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