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29 December, 2013

iPad Classic – Order & Chaos

Gameloft is known in the world of iOS for making games that are heavily inspired by successful PC and console franchises. Order & Chaos is a nod to Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPGs) such as the infamous World of Warcraft. Released in April of 2011, and recently updated with new quests and tournaments, players can lose themselves in countless hours of levelling and looting. There is even player vs. player, a staple mode of any MMORPG hoping to take itself seriously.

The genre seems to be a good fit for a device that fits in your pocket or carry-bag, allowing you to duck in and out of the online world for long play sessions or a quick bit of housekeeping as time dictates. Gameloft may have had some detractors over the years, but games like Order & Chaos prove that it has still delivered many worthwhile gaming experiences.

You can download it right here.

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