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28 December, 2013

What’s In Issue 0 of Grab It Magazine?

Grab It Magazine represents an entirely new way of approaching coverage of video games. Built from the ground-up to exist within the same ecosystem as the games it covers, Grab It Magazine is digital media like you have never seen it before. If you own an iPad, you can try it out right now with our special launch issue, a free sample that shows off the kind of editorial depth and design flair that the full magazine will offer come January 24.

Issue 0 of Grab It Magazine is packed to the hilt with hours of editorial focused on indie iPad games, including;

      * An exclusive, in-depth interview with Ryan Payton – the founder of République developer Camouflaj and the ex-creative director of Halo 4 and producer of the Metal Gear series

      * An exclusive and insightful interview with David Helgason, the CEO of Unity Technologies and the company facilitating the indie revolution with its brilliant Unity3D engine

      * The Top 10 Dual-Stick Shooters on iOS

      * Five fully interactive reviews, including République, Trouserheart, Device 6, Boson X, Formula Legend and Type:Rider

      * Four creator interviews, where developers Mu & Heyo, Simogo, DiceWork Games and BeerMogul Games open up about the decision making processes, challenges, rewards and more of their latest games.

      * Quick Fix: A rundown on the latest titles you can load up for a bit of instant fun

      * We go hands-on with the Arcade Universal Tablet Gaming Wheel

      * Explore the intriguing 2014 title Lowboat

      * Opinion: Why We Should Welcome HD Remakes

      * And run through the five most intriguing games on the hunt for crowdfunding.

It doesn’t hurt to try out the first issue for free – make sure you connect with us via the networks at the top of the page to keep on top of updates ahead of the big launch.

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