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21 February, 2014

Super Smash Bros Comes to iOS as Fright Fight

A quick viewing of the trailer below is all you'll need to know where Fright Fight gets its inspiration from. This multi-character arena brawler from developer Appsolute recalls one Super Smash Bros - albeit with cute puffy pink things replaced by a range of trick-or-treaters. The game is free to get started with four playable characters in a Werewolf, Vampire, Grim Reaper and Yeti, each with their own moves to master. It's worth noting that the game is only playable online, not offline - so perhaps you can meet up with a few players on our Facebook page, download it together and jump in the ring for an evening biff. You can grab the game here

And if you like the idea of Nintendo games on iOS, why not check out our article about 12 Nintendo-like iOS Games.

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