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07 August, 2014

Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf Act 3: The Shianti Halls Out Now

After an agonisingly long wait, the third Act of Joe Dever’s epic gamebook adventure, Lone Wolf, has finally hit the App Store. Act 3 picks up where the action left off, with Lone Wolf continuing his quest through The Shianti Halls where he’ll face off with some new bad dudes called Vordaks.

We reviewed Acts One and Two of Lone Wolf in Episode 5 of Grab It, calling it “one of the best gamebook adventures on the market which strikes the perfect balance of an old-school gamebook feel while breathing new life into an otherwise aging genre.” The satisfying combat is worth singling out in particular, mixing real-time mechanics with turn-based action. It’s certainly a far cry from traditional gamebook adventures where the prospect of winning a battle essentially boils down to random chance with the rolling of die.

Adding to this great news, Act One has just been slashed to the very low price of free for a limited time. There’s really no excuse not to give Lone Wolf a shot, especially during Grab It’s self-declared Gamebook Month.

Grab the game here.

Stephen Mitchell

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