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14 September, 2014

Humble Store End of Summer Sale – Indie games and Charity

The Humble store is having a sale! If you've never bought games from the Humble store, they follow the trend of online game stores just like Steam or, but with a big difference. A percentage of all sales on the Humble store goes to charities such as the Red Cross and Child's Play. They also have weekly Humble Bundles, a collection of games where you can pay what you want and decide what percentage goes to the developers, the store and the charities of your choice.

This End of Summer Sale runs from today until September 22, and games in this sale definitely worth adding to your collection include;
   - The Wolf Among Us
   - Kerbal Space Program
   - Psychonauts
   - Gone Home
   - Samurai Gunn

The PC version of Nihilumbra is also on this sale. Nihilumbra has been featured heavily in Grab it, and we released an entire app dedicated to the making of the game, filled with cutting edge digital magazine ideas that push the boundaries of what we can do in this space. This haunting puzzle platformer, and our making of app, should not be missed.

Grab our making of app here, and iPad gamers can also check out Nihilumbra and The Wolf Among Us.

Nathanael Peacock

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