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27 June, 2014

Grab It’s Huge Two for One Offer

Hopefully you’ve heard the news – Grab It Episode 5 is out now! Starring World of Tanks Blitz on the cover, it also includes three huge features, showcases 15 indie games, provides 9 exclusive interviews, videos, soundtracks, news, opinions, a top 10 and more.

As part of the celebration, we have a pretty cool deal to offer you. If you’re one of the first 50 people who pick up a copy of Episode 5 and review it on the App Store, then we’ll give you a copy of Episode 3 for free. Episode 3 includes, amongst plenty more, an exclusive making of feature on the stunning puzzler Monument Valley. You can see the trailer below for more into on the episode.

Buy One, Get Two.

To enter, simply;
  1. Purchase Grab It Episode 5
  2. Leave a Review on the App Store
  3. Tweet or Facebook or Email us a message telling us your App Store review name and your country.
  4. We’ll reply with a Episode 3 download code until the 50 are exhausted.

Too easy!

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