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14 February, 2014

10 Games For Single People on Valentine’s Day

You’ve been anticipating this day for months - February 14. Valentine’s Day. Maybe you’ve approached it with dread. Maybe with hope. Or maybe with indifference. Well, if you find yourself sitting at home all by your lonesome, Grab It Magazine (issue 1 out now) has got you covered. We’ve put together a list of 10 iOS games that will perfectly suit your mood and single status during the love fest.

And don't forget, you can always check out our 50 Best Indie iOS Games of 2013 for more great options. If you like the sound of any of these games, just grab it.

1. Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded
Whatever your relationship status is, I can guarantee you it’s not as bad as serial dork Leisure Suit Larry. In this classic point-and-click adventure game, rebooted on Kickstarter, Larry’s sole purpose is to find love. Being the social Neanderthal he is, it never quite works out. You’ll definitely get some laughs out of this one, and be able to come away saying “well, at least I’m not as bad as Larry.”
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2. Myst
Myst is one of those rare titles that is far better to be experienced, rather than explained. Dropped on a seemingly deserted island, you’re tasked with exploring every nook and cranny, all while solving genuinely tough puzzles. The journey is what’s important here, gradually building up a rich picture of why you’re on the island, and what’s going on. But most important of all, on this island you're all alone.
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3. Dead Trigger 2
Maybe you’ve got some pent up rage on Valentine’s Day. Or maybe my not-so-subtle jokes are making you angry. Whatever the case, the best solution might be to take out your anger on hordes of zombies. Shooting zombies in the face always makes everything better. Always. Seriously though, this is an excellent first-person shooter. We were so impressed with Dead Trigger 2 that we awarded it the top spot in our Top 10 FPS Games on iPad, in our newly released Issue 1.
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4. Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light
Guys, if you're not spending the 14th hanging out with the love of your life today, you could do much worse than hanging out with the beautiful Lara Croft. Appearances aside, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light is one of the best "Tomb Raider" experiences on iOS. Unlike other Tomb Raider titles, the Guardian of Light is an arcade-inspired action game, adopting a top-down isometric view. The genuinely clever and challenging puzzles bring to mind the Lara Croft games of yesteryear.
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Don’t worry ladies, we’ve got a game for you coming right up.

5. A Cheating Boyfriend: Target Practice Broken Heart Revenge Archery Game
I.. uh.. don’t think this game needs much of an explanation. Enjoy!
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6. Hector: Badge of Carnage
Aside from rage, another emotion you might be feeling today is cynicism and sarcasm. If this is you, then a great friend you’ve found in Detective Inspector Hector. In this point-and-click title, the rude and abrasive police officer must grudgingly stop a homicidal maniac using every unorthodox police method at his disposal. Hector isn’t afraid to say it like it is, meaning you’ll often find yourself unashamedly gasping at the offensive dialogue and puzzle design. If anyone were to hate the idea of Valentine’s Day, then look no further than Detective Hector.
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7. GTA San Andreas
If you’re sitting at home by yourself today with plenty of time to burn, you may as well get stuck in to GTA San Andreas. Do the story missions, go on a rampage, or grab some hot coffee... Being a port from console, the game looks absolutely stunning on tablets, with plenty of other welcome features added.
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8. Minecraft
If you’ve been tentative about dipping your toe into the deep, deep waters of Minecraft, why not get started today! The hours will just fall away as you go about building structures that represent your hatred of Valentine’s Day. To ease your transition into the game, we’ve even gone to the trouble of putting together a Beginner’s Guide to Minecraft in Issue 1.
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9. The Sims 3
You may not be particularly inclined to deal with other people today, so why not manage the lives of a pixelated community instead. At least they won’t let you down. You can even manage their relationships, and imagine that it’s you with the hot partner. Or you can tear them apart. Whatever suits your fancy.
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10. Rayman Fiesta Run
If you’re feeling a little bit down being at home by yourself today, then I guarantee you that Rayman Fiesta Run will cheer you right up. In fact, I challenge you to try and not smile when you play this game. The soundtrack and visuals are just lovely, and will immediately suck you in. But Rayman Fiesta Run isn’t just pure eye candy, it’s also quite a challenging platformer. It’s one thing to finish the game, but an entirely different issue to get all the collectibles as well.
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